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Celebrating the work of ethnic communities in Mexico


What we do

The indigenous artisans of Mexico produce incredibly unique, beautiful, and elaborate products that we proudly want to share with you.
We are thrilled to come alongside these artisans to encourage them in their work, give them dignity, transform their lives from the inside out by sharing with them how God desires to be a part of their work to bless them, seeing their families thrive, and bring change to their community.

Join us in celebrating the work of these artisans and be a part of changing lives!

Our Mission

To offer fair trade items through the distribution and promotion of handicrafts in the international market, in love we will work as a team and achieve mutual well being and change.


This business was birthed out of a ministry called Brave Heart that was started in 2008 to share the love of God with indigenous communities. We have built relationships with many families over the years through programs and being invited out to their villages. As we built these relationships we saw a new way that we can support these families and see further transformation and so Brave Heart Collective was created.

Our Vision

We share the best pieces of artisan creativity to deeply transform lives around the world.

What we do with profit

With our profits we desire to give back to the Brave Heart ministry so that they have a sustainable source of income to keep on impacting indigenous families in Mexico City. As well as invite more families from a variety of ethnic groups to be apart of Brave Heart Collective and invest in community development projects.